• The bell tower of XI century is actually beautiful. On the walls of the wide corridor with barrel-vault there are the emblems of some bishops that lived in Torre Orsaia and the monumental coat of arms of the Episcopal Palace, summer seat of the Bishop, in Torre Orsaia
  • Santa Maria Assunta Church, with a small XVIII century containing the relics of San Felice Martire. To the church belongs the wonderful silver cross (now at Museo Diocesano of Policastro Bussentino), in Tortorella
  • The monastery of Sant’Angelo in Pittari and San Michele Arcangelo is actually interesting. There are ancient evidences of a Italian – Greek sanctuary where san Fantino lived
  • Museo Diocesano of Policastro Bussentino with important works of art, for example a wonderful ivory Crucifix; paintings and silver objects, in Santa Marina
  • Santa Maria della Croce church is actually beautiful: form the parvis visitors can admire a wonderful panorama. The church has a main altar made of polychrome stucco: the altar is made on two levels, a higher level with angels and a lower one with wreaths and fruits, symbols of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, in Santa Marina
  • San Nicola di Bari Church, it was built at the end of XIV century. There is a sculpture made of mortar and stones, portraying Our Lady with the Holy Child, in Ispani
  • Santa Maria della Stella Church is very interesting with its XVI century arches on the left side. In the first chapel on the right there is a very interesting painting with the Deposition from the Cross, in Casaletto Spartano
  • Torre Pretosa is very interesting, it was built in 1595. It was used as a refuge during the terrible plague of 1656. In XIX century the tower was used as a refuge by the cilentani rebels of 1828. During the Second World War it was used by Italian and German soldiers, in Vibonati
  • Museo della Civiltà Contadina, an ethnographic museum created thanks to the private collections of Clorinda and Modestia Florenzano. There are more than 250 tools and instruments used in rural life. There is a nice section dedicated to a candle factory where devotional objects were produced, in Morigerati
  • Palazzo Bifani, there is a rich library (called Fondo Librario) belonged to Achille Bifani, with precious manuscripts of Southern intellectuals of 1800, in Torraca
  • Tower of the meteorological observatory is very interesting: it is in neo-Middle Ages style and it is decorated with ceramics portraying the most important men of sciences, in Sapri



Testi: Stefania Maffeo




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